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What Does My Order Status Mean?

Waiting for payment

You have not paid your order yet.

You are welcome to pay your order now.


We have not received your payment yet or the payment did not go through in your bank or Paypal account.

Please check your payment account to confirm first whether the payment went through successfully.


We have accepted your payment and we are processing your order. 

Processing will usually take 3-10 business days and includes 3 steps:

1.Allocate stock to your order

2.Complete quality control for your items

3.Pack your items 

*For more information about our dispatch time for your specific item, please refer to the product page and see i.e "Dispatch time: Ships with 7-15 days".

Contact us to edit the address or the items.

Shipped Out

Your order has been sent out to you.

1.Follow up the delivery in your account and track the package online. 

2.If you’ve chosen free shipping and haven’t purchased a tracking number, we kindly ask to wait for your order 10-45 working days. For more delivery estimation, please click here


Your unpaid order is cancelled

Please feel free to replace an order anytime.


Your order has been refunded on our side.

If you paid with Paypal, please allow 3- 7 working days for the transaction to appear on your account.

If you paid by credit card it will take 7-25 working days depending on your credit card company.