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Cancel My Order

1) If you haven’t paid:

Go to My Orders  

Please click Cancel as follows:


2) If you have paid:

Please contact us as soon as possible.

Please note that orders that are "dispatched" or "shipped out" cannot be cancelled. 


We have accepted your payment and we are processing your order. 

This step will take 3-5 business days as we will follow 3 steps:

1.Allocate stock to your order

2.Complete quality control for your items


- Contact us to edit the shipping address/shipping method or cancel the order.
DispatchedYour order has been dispacted in our warehouse and will be shipped out soon. - We are not able to process the cancelation in the step.
Shipped OutYour order has been sent out to you.

- Follow up the delivery in your account and track the item online. 

-If you’ve chosen free shipping, and haven’t purchased a tracking number, we kindly ask to wait for your order 10-25 working days. Please click for delivery estimation here

Cancelled Your unpaid order is cancelled.- Feel free to replace an order anytime.
Refunded Your order has been refunded on our side.

If you have paid with Paypal,please allow 2 working days for the transaction to appear on your account.

If you have paid by credit card it will take 7 to 14 working days depending on your credit card.